Day 5

23 09 2006

“Day 5 started with the liability from Sunday – the Italian group home work about national fests which couldn’t be shown because they had the Powerpoint presentation. After this Italian presentation started the presentations about the typical characters in national folklore. The first was the Latvian group, then the group from the Netherlands and
the last were Italians. After the presentations we started work in our workshops. The participans of the project were divided in 6 groups. Each of it was responsible for something else. The costume designers went to rent the costumes for the play, actors were trying to play, dancers learned a dance, singers sang, painters were drawing posters and the
directors were responsible for the work of everyone. Each participant was given 2Ls to have lunch, so everybody could buy the things they like.

After the work in the workshops we alltogether went to the center and from there by bus got to the Siemens ice-skating hall where we skated for one hour. For some of us it was the first or the seconf time to skate but all done that good. After the skating alltogether went to a resaturant and had a nice dinner.”

Jomajo, cik banāli :D




One response

2 04 2018

Banāli, bet skaisti :)


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